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On April 14, 2021, the California Energy Commission (“CEC”) held a Business Meeting where it adopted, among other things, the CEC’s 2020 Integrated Energy Policy Report (“IEPR”) Update Volume II (The Role of Microgrids). In Volume II, the CEC evaluated lessons learned from a decade of investment and research resulting in 58 microgrids. Overall, the CEC recognizes that microgrids are not the appropriate solution for every problem, but do play a role in responding to Public Safety Power Shutoff (“PSPS”) events, supporting lifesaving services, supporting low-income, tribal, rural, and disadvantaged communities, as well as serving unique energy demands. Thus, the CEC recommends: (1) continued research on clean alternatives to backup diesel generation; (2) continued implementation of the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) Senate Bill (“SB”) 1339 Proceeding (R.19-09-009) Track 3 activities; (3) continuing to streamline distribution interconnection; (4) addressing right-of-way issues; and (5) developing financial tools that enable microgrid deployment without state funding. On March 15, 2021, the CEC adopted 2020 IEPR Update Volume I (Blue Skies, Clean Transportation) and Volume III (California Energy Demand Forecast Update).

CEC’s April 14, 2021 Business Meeting Agenda is available here.

CEC’s March 17, 2021 Business Meeting Presentation is available here.

CEC’s 2020 IEPR Update Volume II (The Role of Microgrids) is available here.

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