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From April 8 through 29, the U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”) and the National Laboratories will hold webinars concerning the risk of the nation’s electrical infrastructure due to wildfires.  As has been seen, climate change and aging infrastructure have been among causes of wildfire ignition throughout the country, seen dramatically in recent years in the West.  States have authorized power shutoffs in anticipation of high risk weather events, such as wind storms, which may contribute to electrical equipment igniting wildfires. 

DWGP has been tracking and advising utilities on wildfire issues, including the wildfire mitigation plan efforts in California and resiliency efforts such as the California Public Utilities Commission’s emergency preparedness initiative. 

The DOE webinars will discuss not only prevention of wildfires due to ignition by utility equipment, but also protection of utility equipment from approaching wildfires.  Webinars will include:

            April 8, 2021:  Sensing and Detection / Fire Testing Capabilities

            April 15, 2021:  Situational Awareness

            April 22, 2021:  Modeling & Analytical Tools

            April 29, 2021:  Modeling & Analytical Tools / Post Fire Analysis

For more information regarding the webinars, please see the following DOE posting here.

Please contact Lisa Gast, Sean Neal, Robert Laurie, Lauren Perkins, Ellen Hill, and Sylwia Dakowicz for further information.