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On October 3, 2017, members of the California community choice aggregator (CCA) community met at CalCCA’s Annual Meeting, held in Riverside, California.  The meeting was an opportunity for CCAs to take stock of their mission and growth over the past year, such as the launch of several new CCAs, including Peninsula Clean Energy and Silicon Valley Clean Energy, as well as to look forward to the future launch of CCAs in development.  Panelists discussed key issues of importance to CCAs, ranging from obtaining financial support, overcoming challenges from the latest legislative session in Sacramento and continuing to face those challenges in the coming year, to navigating regulatory issues including the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment proceeding before the California Public Utilities Commission.  DWGP is a Partner Member of CalCCA, attended the Annual Meeting, and supports the success of CCA development in California.

For more information on this meeting and other CCA matters, please contact Michael PostarPeter J. ScanlonSean M. NealBhaveeta K. Mody, or Andrew B. Art.