attorneys navajo
Several attorneys of DWGP presented a check to Wally Haase, General Manager of the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, in support of the Light Up Navajo Nation initiative. 
(left to right: Derek Dyson, Lisa Gast, Tom Rudebusch, Wally Haase, Adriana Velez-Leon, Lee Ewing, Pete Scanlon).

The Navajo people often live on large parcels of land, creating significant distances between neighboring homes, producing one of the lowest number of utility customers per mile in the U.S. and a high cost of providing service.  As a result, it is often cost-prohibitive to provide utility services to individual homes on much of the Navajo Nation.  While over the past ten years, the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) has electrified over 4,800 homes, there remain over 15,000 homes (over 60,000 Americans) within the Navajo Nation without electricity.  In an effort to advance the electrification of homes within the Navajo Nation, in 2018, NTUA in coordination with the American Public Power Association (APPA) and its members created the Light Up Navajo! initiative.  DWGP encourages you to vist the website and learn more about the Light Up Navajo! initiative and consider donating to the GoFundMe page for the effort: