“Change in Administration” Webinar by Jeff Genzer and Derek Dyson – Full Webinar Recording and Presentation Now Available

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On February 8, 2021, Jeff Genzer and Derek Dyson hosted the first in our quarterly webinar series to mark the firm’s 50th Anniversary:

“What Does the Change in Administration Mean for Energy and Electricity Policy?”

During this informative webinar, hosted by DWGP’s Jeff Genzer and Derek Dyson, attendees learned about:

  • Anticipated enhancements to funding for clean energy programs and broadband
  • Likely new initiatives to address climate change and tax policy
  • Expected regulatory changes from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Near-term reversal or modifications to rules enacted during the Trump Administration 

In case you missed it, or want to watch it again, a recording of the webinar can be found [here] and a pdf of the slide deck used during the webinar can be found [here].

Information on the 2nd of our quarterly webinar series will be coming out soon, so stay tuned!